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Seamless Import and Export Solutions

At Green Sky, we specialize in all types of customs clearance services, be it for Sea, Air, and Land shipments in the UAE. Our expert assistance ensures that all essential paperwork, tariffs, and taxes are handled professionally with the support of an experienced customs broker UAE.

Green Sky delivers timely and cost-effective services, offering end-to-end solutions that provide you with peace of mind. Our extensive knowledge of the nation’s industry standards and regulations enables us to swiftly manage even the most complex trade compliance difficulties with simplicity.

Comprehensive End-to-End Support

Responsive and Professional

Our trained experts expertly manage the complexities and procedures for both import and export customs clearance. We enable you to successfully navigate customs regulations, assuring the smooth passage of commodities of any size or complexity.

What We Do – Customs Clearance in the UAE

At Green Sky, we offer a wide array of services to meet your customs clearance needs. Our services in the UAE include

Customs Documentation Services

  • Document Preparation and Submission.
  • Import and Export Customs Documentation.
  • Special Approvals for Cargo Clearance.
  • Customs Inspection Services.

Compliance and Regulation Services

  • Compliance with Local and International Customs Regulations.
  • Risk Assessment and Mitigation.
  • Collaboration with Customs Officers and other Entities
  • Trade Compliance Audits.

Tariff and Duty Services

  • Tariff Classification and Duty Calculation.
  • Advising on Duty Payments.

Logistics and Clearance Services

  • Customs formalities at all Customs Terminals.
  • Food Import and Re-Export Services.
  • Express Shipments Document Collection.
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Green Sky prides pride ourselves on delivering reliable customs support in the UAE.

Consultation and Permit Services

  • Consultation on Customs Procedures and Law
  • Assistance with Government Permit Applications.

Why Choose Green Sky?

Seamless Processes

You can say goodbye to delays and paperwork problems when you deal with Green Sky. We handle documentation, billing, and compliance with care, optimizing the process for quick and easy results.

Tailored to Your Needs

Our approach is tailored to your unique needs and scenarios. From paperwork to duty optimization, our team has you covered.

Seasoned Professionals

Our experienced Advisors are well-versed in ever-changing customs regulations and trade laws, both regionally and globally.

Risk Mitigation

Our industry experts provide insights that help avoid risks, protecting your shipments from any obstacles in order to guarantee an uninterrupted voyage for your cargo in and out of the UAE.

Speed and Efficiency

We skilfully leverage our knowledge and relationships within the industry to expedite the customs clearance process.

Guaranteed Compliance

 A thorough awareness of legal procedures guarantees that your customs clearance aligns with all rules and regulations.

Integrated Solutions

Support for comprehensive services such as air, sea, land, freight, storage, courier, and logistics, offering you a one-stop solution for every need in the UAE.

Punctuality and dependability

Smooth and timely customs clearance, keeping your activities on track.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Our experience and expertise enable us to suit your unique needs while being cost-effective.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the UAE, customs clearance takes 5-10 days on average. Also, note that this timeline may differ depending on the type of freight and specific use case. Green Sky’s experience with UAE customs clearance and various rules and regulations assures a seamless, quick process that avoids unnecessary delays.

Customs clearance normally comprises the following steps in the UAE:

  • Reporting the items to be imported or exported to customs officials.
  • Payment of all relevant taxes and tariffs on the items.
  • Obtaining all necessary import or export permissions.
  • Providing customs officials with the proper papers.

The following are some of the advantages of customs clearance in the UAE:

  • Making it easier to import and export goods.
  • Making sure that import and export duties and taxes are paid correctly.
  • Preventing commodities from being smuggled into or out of the nation.

Custom clearing agents in Dubai generally prepare and submit customs declarations, offer advice and assistance on customs procedures, and guarantee freight is processed efficiently and quickly.

Dubai is one of the main international trade hubs that attracts organizations from all over the globe. It is no secret that customs regulations can be complicated and can differ from one country to the next. Using experienced customs clearance services like Green Sky in Dubai ensures that your goods comply with every regulation for easy and fast clearance, allowing you to concentrate on your core business activities and providing you with peace of mind.

In order to import food into the UAE, it is imperative to have a health certificate issued by the appropriate authorities of the origin country. Before the shipment arrives in the UAE, you should obtain the relevant approvals to ensure that your shipment is not held by UAE authorities for failing to comply with applicable laws. At Green Sky, we are experienced and can assist you with the seamless transaction of all your cargo – be it food or anything else. For more, don’t hesitate to contact us here!

Green Sky maintains storage facilities (Normal and climate-controlled including support for vehicle storage) in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The storage procedure is straightforward. We would provide you with an MOU referring to the goods that would be stored in our facility. We perform the customs processes and move the shipment to our warehouse once the agreement is completed. Our crew would work around your schedule for cargo acceptance or delivery. Our warehouse operations are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, allowing you to arrange to ship your goods to any location in the world on schedule and without delay.



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