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Air Freight

Discover Green Sky Air Freight, where we form global synergies with our network partners and specialized agencies to create a robust network, that exceeds your service expectations.

Sea Freight

Explore Green Sky Sea Freight, where we foster global collaborations with network partners and specialized agencies, constructing a robust network that surpasses your service

Land Freight

Discover the dependability of Green Sky’s land freight services in the UAE. We handle a diverse range of cargo types, from single pallets to full trailer loads.


At Green Sky Logistics, we bring extensive experience and logistics excellence to serve your e-commerce delivery and secure document transport needs.


 Running low on storage space? Green Sky has the solution. Our Self Storage units, beginning at 25 sq. ft and beyond, provide 24/7 access, top-tier safety, and security

Customs Clearance

Gain peace of mind with Green Sky’s customs clearance expertise in the UAE. Our seasoned in-house agents specialize in customs clearance

Green Sky prides ourselves on delivering cargo to all corners of the globe.

Green Sky Logistics: What’s in Store for You?

Nationwide Presence

What distinguishes Green Sky Logistics is our extensive presence across all Emirates of the UAE. With strategically located facilities and a robust network, we offer efficient logistics solutions spanning the entire country. Regardless of your business’s location or transportation requirements, our nationwide coverage ensures we’re always within reach.

Quality and Innovation

Our commitment to quality goes beyond words; it’s reflected in every aspect of our operations. We adhere to the highest industry standards and best practices, consistently delivering on our promises. Our dedication to operational excellence guarantees that your cargo is handled with the utmost care, precision, and efficiency.

Reliable Partnerships

Green Sky Logistics values trust in logistics. We cultivate strong, dependable partnerships with major carriers, suppliers, and regulatory authorities. This network of trust ensures that your shipments are in safe hands and can navigate smoothly through customs and regulations.

Innovative Solutions

In an industry evolving at a rapid pace, innovation is the key to staying ahead. Green Sky Logistics continually invests in cutting-edge technology and practices. This commitment to innovation allows us to offer solutions that are not just reliable but also tailored to the unique challenges of your industry.

Efficiency and Timeliness

We know that time is of the essence in logistics. Our services are designed with efficiency and timeliness in mind. Whether it’s a critical shipment or routine transport, Green Sky Logistics ensures that your cargo reaches its destination punctually, every time.

Cost-Effective Logistics

We understand the importance of cost-effectiveness in today’s competitive landscape. Green Sky Logistics’ solutions are not only of the highest quality but also designed to optimize costs, helping you maximize your bottom line.

Everything you need from the UAE’s leading logistics specialist

We’ll help you find the right solutions for your business needs.

  • Customers at the Center of our Service
  • Enhancing Employee Competence, Ability, and Participation
  • Perfecting Processes through ‘Continuous Improvement’
  • Data-Based Decision-Making Processes
  • Service with Respect for Society and Environment
  • Increasing Business Volume for National Economic Contribution
  • Offering World-Class Service with Technology and Logistics Infrastructure
  • Tailored Solutions for International Market Competitiveness
  • Legal Requirements Compliance as Minimum Standards
  • Monitoring, Measuring, and Improving Compliance Obligations
  • Regular Training to Increase Occupational Safety Awareness
  • Corporate Culture Supporting OHS Standards
  • Leveraging Machine Learning Algorithms for Dynamic Route Planning
  • Enhancing Predictive Analytics for Traffic Conditions and Delays
  • Optimizing Delivery Schedules and Routes Based on Historical Data
  • Embracing 5G Networks for Ultra-Fast and Reliable Communication
  • Improving Connectivity for Real-Time Tracking and Monitoring
  • Enabling Low Latency Communication for Time-Sensitive Operations

Customers Says

Nadha NinzNadha Ninz
18:05 25 Aug 23
I was moving out of Abu Dhabi for a temporary period and looking for a safe and affordable storage in Abu Dhabi.I found their website online and spoke with Mr. Ashiq who offered me multiple self storage units with various price. Their rates are cheap and the customer service is excellent and was very patient with me.I will definitely recommend their storage service for anyone who is looking for temporary storage in Abu Dhabi.Five stars ⭐️
Aji VargheseAji Varghese
10:48 14 Aug 23
Abdul HakeemAbdul Hakeem
09:18 13 Aug 23
I found green sky storage to be providing the best customer service, facility cleanliness, pricing, and security features in UAE .
Abdul KhadarAbdul Khadar
17:15 02 Aug 23
I’ve had an outstanding experience with Green Sky Logistics.Our warehousing contract was about to expire and we needed a safe location to store our furnitures temporarily.The team at Greensky gave me confidence that my goods were safe and I was able to negotiate a great rate.The facility is top notch and I fully recommend.
A kA k
12:08 13 Apr 23
Nicoleta vlog 'sNicoleta vlog 's
23:52 05 Apr 23
Professional, friendly and excellent service.Thank you !
18:39 26 Feb 23
I had a great experience storing my things at Green Sky Storage for 3 months. The facility is clean and well-maintained, and the staff was always helpful and friendly. Accessing my unit was easy and convenient. I would definitely recommend Green Sky Storage for anyone in need of a self storage solution."
10:22 19 Jan 23
I recently used Green Sky Storage for my business goods and was extremely impressed with the level of service and the overall experience. The facility is clean and well-maintained, and the staff is friendly and helpful. They made the process of storing my items incredibly easy and stress-free. The security is top-notch and I felt confident leaving my goods in their care. I highly recommend Green Sky Storage for any business storage needs
afreeth shamsuafreeth shamsu
10:17 19 Jan 23
I recently used Green Sky Storage for my self storage needs and I couldn't be happier with the service I received. The facilities are clean, secure and well-maintained. The staff were incredibly helpful and accommodating, they made the whole process of renting a unit stress-free. I also appreciated the convenient online reservation and payment options. I highly recommend Green Sky Storage to anyone in need of top-notch self storage services.
Elaine EganElaine Egan
08:13 14 Jan 23
Very easy to deal with; fast response, professional and friendly.My items were returned in the exact same condition, no damage, and the staff liased with my movers which made moving apartments less stressful!The price was also reasonable.
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Our comprehensive, and compliant services and solutions ensure that in this dynamic continually changing industry where product efficacy, accuracy, and knowledge are everything, you can entrust your supply chain logistics to our experts.

Choose Green Sky Logistics: By choosing Green Sky Logistics as your logistics partner, you’re not just gaining access to a range of services; you’re securing a trusted ally committed to quality, reliability, and efficiency.

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Frequently asked questions

Absolutely! Green Sky provides top-notch and extensive storage services in the UAE (Dubai and Abu Dhabi) with ample space and equipment necessary for safekeeping. Our storage services include support for Self-Storage, Business, and Climate-Controlled Storage

There are several documents required to import goods into the UAE. This includes:

For Air Freight:

  • Copies of AWB (Air Waybill)
  • DO (Delivery Order) from the airport
  • Customs Bill of Entry for clearance
  • Additional documents may be required for customs Bill of Entry processing.

For Sea Freight:

  • BL (Bill of Lading) for DO (Delivery Order)
  • Customs Bill of Entry for clearance
  • Additional documents including Invoice, Packing list, and CO (Certificate of Origin) may be required for Bill of Entry processing at customs.

Yes! Green Sky has support for a comprehensive range of services for all kinds of businesses. We are pioneers at providing end-to-end logistics solutions and have been supporting businesses looking to expand across the globe.

To give you an estimate, we will require detailed information about your goods. This can help us provide you with the most value for the services you are paying for. For more on this, please go here!

Shipment rates for air freight are calculated based on volume or gross weight, whichever is greater. To calculate volume, we will require the dimensions of each piece in your shipment. If the volume weight exceeds the actual weight, the shipment rate is based on the volume weight. Conversely, if the volume weight is less than the actual weight, the shipment is rated at the actual weight.

Cargo insurance is not mandatory but highly recommended. It safeguards your business in case of unforeseen incidents. In certain situations, shippers can be held liable for losses and damages. Request a cargo insurance quote by providing details about your cargo’s nature and the invoice value of the goods.

Air cargo can be transported on both passenger and freighter aircraft. For pallets, the dimensions acceptable can vary depending on the plane in question. In general, it can be said that, in the case of a freight plane, it is 243 cm and 155 cm in the case of passenger flights. 

Dubai, in the UAE, is located strategically which makes it a hub and an ideal choice. Since the emirate is situated between East and West, it serves as a gateway for international trade, which ensures efficient logistics for all types of businesses.

Green Sky offers comprehensive services including eCommerce fulfillment, courier express services, and last-mile delivery, all tailored to meet the requirements of eCommerce businesses in the Gulf region and beyond. With Green Sky as your partner, your eCommerce will flourish nonetheless. This is the Green Sky promise, which we have been effectively delivering for years.

Airlines, on average, set a limit to the gross weight inside 100 kgs to 500 kgs per shipment package. However, certain airlines may permit exceptions to this limit. Contact us today to know more about how much you could potentially ship with us!

Airline uses specialized containers to transport loose freight securely called Airline Units or Unit Load Devices (ULDs). These ULDs play a significant role in transiting and expediting customs and other processes at airports with ease.

Various types of Customs Declarations required in the UAE for both import and export include:

  • Import and Export Declarations
  • Re-Export Declarations
  • Temporary Admission Declarations
  • Transit Declarations and 
  • Free Zone Declarations

Such documents help you ensure compliance with regulations. Keeping up with this information is paramount to facilitate the smooth flow of goods in and out of the UAE.

A bill of lading is a significant document in the UAE’s shipping and logistics landscape. This document is evidence that signifies the receipt of goods specified in it to a designated destination. It serves as an agreement between the shipper and the carrier. This bill of lading can also be considered as an ownership document that can be endorsed to other parties under specific conditions. All this and more make this a crucial document that supports the process of shipping and logistics in the UAE.

You can reach us at our contact page. You are free to call the number or contact us via mail or by filling in the online form provided. Our experts will respond to all your needs and queries within 24 hours.

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